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AquaFirmeXS is the latest medical innovation specially designed to help oxygenate, exfoliate and perfume nutrients into your skin and scalp area. This unique treatment revolutionizes your skin and scalp using ultrasound technology to penetrate the skin and scalp, to deliver the serum where it’s needed most.

AquaFirmeXS also tackles a wide range of skin concerns from dull, dry, dehydrated, uneven skin tone, fine lines, skin laxity, oily skin and aging.

A unique feature of AquaFirmeXS is the specially designed proprietary plant-based serums. These are derived from ancient Ayurvedic principles and brought to life with modern technology. The serums are specifically formulated from an organic blend of plant secretory factors that have been studied for over 20 year and crafted to your specific wellness needs.

What AquaFirmeXS Treats

  • Regrows Hair
  • Adds Volume
  • Reduces Fine Lines
  • Reduces Pore Sizes
  • Evens Pigmentation
  • Mildly Exfoliates
  • Smooths Skin
  • Builds Collagen

AquaFirmeXS Treatment – What to expect

  • Each session takes around 30-60 minutes.
  • There’s no downtime and you can resume your normal daily activities.
  • Results give an immediate natural glow and radiance with 1-3 treatments needed for optimum results.

Why Choose AquaFirmeXS

  • Optimized treatment that complements your skin care routine
  • Proprietary serums to correspond to the needs of your skin
  • Unique exfoliation and oxygenation procedures enhance your skin
  • Customizable treatments based on your goals
  • 100% Natural & Hormone Free

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